Finally, it's official, on the 23rd feburary  all graduates of the Design Department  - Academy of Fashion and Communication in Düsseldorf presented their final work, their final collection including myself, of course. Finally - all my work, all the power and strength, all that energy and my passion that i've invested in since 3.5 year pays off. And now, it's coming to an end - they said - but i do not realizing it, i am going to present the first real or the last collection of my studies to you, all my ideas, all my creativity - my pieces walking down the catwalk. 

After 3.5 years it is done, after month of work, after hours of working - I can really be proud of myself and really happy about what I've learned so far, all those great things which I want to continue to keep and never stop to learn about. If you ask me it was a real pleasure, it was real passion to do this, because yes it was a hard time one of the hardest in my life, it was exhausting, it was painful sometimes but that's only the process of the beauty, the process of a creation of something special and something new. A wonderful experiences.  To all those people who want and have the same passion i can only recommend it and say keep on working hard on yourself. never stop believing in yourself and you rise high and yet it's only a beginning...

I'll look forward to continuing to share more of my work with you, and would now also thank all those wonderful people who have had work and still will be working with me, all those people who have supported me. Thank you. 

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Photography : Nathan Ishar            Design: Sophie Scheliga            Event: Design Department - Show Number Nine