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It all started when...

she was a little girl, she was passionate about Art, Fashion and Photography. It was a universe that fascinated and inspired her. 

Since she started studying Fashion and Communication Design at the Design Department in Germany, she grew up and had the chance to get creative in many aspects. She had a chance to develop her own handwriting and find a way to herself.  

Each Collection is speaking to her. Her ambition is to create something new by creating a certain atmosphere and letting each piece talk. The most important to her is a conceptional artwork. A play between colors and materials, constructed and draped silhouettes is a recurring characteristic for her artwork. 

Finally she decided to create her own universe to give you an opportunity to be part of her by sharing her thoughts, her inspirations, her taste and her own stories. 

Sophie Scheliga is not only a fashion designer, stylist or influencer - she is an artist.