Sophie Scheliga

‘ One day I’ll look back to all the stories i did tell, to all the images i captured, to all the pretty things i will leave behind and make myself a living art. '

Starting as an amateur photographer when she was little, capturing every single moment.

2013 she casually realized that the world of fashion and communication inspires her, so she took that chance and started studying fashion and communications design at the Design Department in Düsseldorf, Germany. That time was a real combat but those three and half years were both magical and incredibly formative to what she has achieved professionally so far - a way to herself.

2017 she build up her own website - evolved to showcase her entire life, her own universe, space and mind like wearing the clothes she love, telling and writing personal stories or ideas that inspires her.

Late 2019, she decided to brand herself under her own name – under which she launched a ecommerce to create her own universe with handmade treasures - those treasures who makes women feel unique in timeless, impeccably executed with limited and handmade pieces.

Her ambition is to create her art living to carefully consider the story. She cannot wait to see the narratives you’ll live in those treasures of herself.